Strasbourg, Obernai, Colmar, Europa Park...

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The castle of Alsace

The picturesque villages

Christmas time in Alsace


Original locations

The proximity of tourist places like theMont Saint Odile, Obernai, the Alsace wine route  and of course Strasbourg make it an ideal location. For a weekend with family or friends, and if you have the thrills take the time to burst at Europa Park The best leisure park in the world in Rust (Germany) only 40 minutes from Lipsheim- direct access by the RN 83. You can also, on the way back, cross theRhine aboard a ferry (He commutes every 15 minutes).

L'Illiad: Animal Park in Illkirch:

Geographic location

An ideal location close to Strasbourg, both for tourism and for business trips.

cultural locations

L'illiade, a concert hall in Illkirch.


Airport, located at 15 minutes.


Best theme park in the world, located at 45 min!

train station

2 minutes by foot to go to the station of Fegersheim-Lipheim.

2 Golfs

Golf clubs of :



Animal parks

The Friedel Parc at Illkirch, Monkey montain, The Eagle Park at Kintzheim (30 mn) or Orangerie (20 mn).